HomeLuxy’s goal is to facilitate access to home services easily and at a reasonable price for everyone, including

  • Cleaning,
  • Gardening,
  • Painting.

Because life is too short not to choose the easiest way sometimes!



Where do we offer our services?

We currently offer cleaning services across the entire Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. We will be continuously expanding the range of services we offer as we move forward.


How long have we been in the business?

The service was founded in 2016 by two single entrepreneurs who realized how difficult it was to find help for household chores.


What are we offering?

Low prices  Everything is managed online, so we don’t have a big team on our payroll. Furthermore, based on the client’s order, we always recommend our agent with the most competitive rates.

Safety – All of our cleaners are insured, and we offer a money-back guarantee.

Saved time – There is no need to write emails or make phone calls. Orders can be placed online, including on your phone in just a few minutes. After placing your first order, you can easily set up recurring cleanings with the information you have already provided.

Transparency – All payments are made online, ensuring orders can be tracked and complaints addressed easily.

Ease of use – You don’t have to coordinate with the cleaner as they already have all the information they need in order to perform the job perfectly.


How does HomeLuxy work?

  • Select the size of your home and the extra services you require.
  • Select a cleaning time that works for you.
  • Enter the personal information needed.
  • Pay for the service online.
  • Spend your time doing something more important and enjoyable! 




How can I pay?

Using your VISA or MasterCard debit or credit card or via PayPal.


What guarantees my safety?

All of our agents and cleaners have insurance that will cover for any damages, in the event that they should occur. If you’re unhappy with the service, please file a complaint with us here, and we may reimburse up to 100% of the service fee.


How can I provide feedback?

We’ll send you a survey within 24 hours of the cleaning, where you can rate the service and the cleaner.


Do I have to create an account?

Yes, we will set it up for you when you place your first order. This account will be used to store information to expedite your subsequent orders; and by deleting this account we can remove all of your personal information associated with it.


How can I modify an order?

Please let us know here of any changes at least 24 hours before the order is due.


What should I do if I can’t find the service I need?

Drop us a message here, and we’ll do our best to find a solution that’s suitable for you.


How can I get an invoice?

Please send us all your invoice-related information here.


What should I do if I haven’t found an answer to my question?

Send us your question here, and you’ll get a response within 24 hours.